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  • How are alpcas different from llamas?
    Alpacas and llamas are both members of the camelid family, however alpacas are smaller and tend to have a different fiber and temperment. Alpacas have a soft, fine coat of hair, while a llama’s hair tends to be more coarse. Llama fiber is typically used for things like rugs, ropes, and cushion fillings because of its course texture. Alpaca fiber is typically used in clothing because its qualities are soft, warm, lightweight, and hypo-allergenic.
  • Do alpacas spit?
    All members fo the camel family use spitting as a means of communication. The main time you'll see this is around food and treats, when the alpacas become very possessive about what they consider to be "their food". It is also an aggressive behavior that you may observe if two alpacas are fighting. But it is a rare that an alpaca would spit at or on a human on purpose (although humans can OFTEN get caught in the cross-fire, especially during feeding time).
  • What do you do with the alpacas?
    Alpacas produce a soft and luxurious fleece/fiber, comparable to cashmere, that is turned into a wide array of products that range from teddy bears to sweaters to fine outer wear. The fleece itself is known globally for its fineness, softness, light weight, durability, excellent thermal qualitities, and luster/brightness. Additionally, alpacas represent an excellent investment and income-generating potential. Many alpaca breeders rely on the sale of their alpacas offspring (as breeding stock) and also finished goods/products for a large part (or sole source) of their income.
  • Can I visit the alpacas on the farm?
    Absolutely! We would love to have you visit. At this time, due to Covid, we are arranging farm visits by appointment only. Please contact us through this site or out facebook page to make arrangements for on site visits to farm and store,
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